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28 Sep

Video: Everything you need to know about Hira Mani & Affan Waheed’s Ghalti

Hira and Affan became the most sought after onscreen couple after the mega success of their drama serial Do Bol which aired earlier last year.

It’s no surprise then that fans have since been eagerly waiting for them to reunite. A few months ago, we broke the news that the duo was indeed getting back together for a serial directed by veteran actress Saba Hamid. The drama is currently being shot in Karachi and we obviously couldn’t let that opportunity slide so we decided to go see them on set.

“The response to Do Bol was so unexpected we couldn’t believe it,” said Hira, adding, “we called up each other and were like ‘is this really happening.'”

Affan revealed that post Do Bol, both of them were offered at least 5 or 6 projects together and did feel pressured about returning to the screen as a couple. “Do Bol doesn’t happen every day; the nature of our work is very volatile, it’s very erratic. Luck plays a major factor so I am prepared that this might not be as big.”

So what made them choose Ghalti over all the other scripts they had in hand? Are they playing a married couple again in this drama? What’s the story based on?

To know the answers to all these questions and more… watch their complete interview:



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