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3 May

Video: Everything you want to know about Aymen Saleem aka Mishi of Chupke Chupke

Aymen Saleem

One of the many new faces making an acting debut in hit Ramazan drama serial Chupke Chupke is Aymen Saleem. Renowned as Mishi in the Twitter world for me memes and Hadi-Mishi ships, the actress is fairly new to the industry. However, she is not new to fame as she is the daughter of veteran cricketer Saleem Yousuf and is even related to Nazia Hassan. She is an Ivy League graduate, has several accolades and even a Guinness World Record to her name. Despite all that, this studious girl always knew that she liked being in front of the camera.

In a conversation with Hassan Choudary of Something Haute, Aymen shared how she landed a role in Chupke Chupke:

“While I was working in Dubai, I had a deal with my family that I will visit Karachi on weekends. So on one such fateful day I met Sultana Siddiqui at a family wedding where she asked me to give acting a chance. Later, I was so exhausted from my work that I decided to explore acting and Chupke Chupke was the first project that was offered to me. Interestingly, I took it as it was a 40-50 days commitment but it was delayed for over a year due to the pandemic and I eventually quit my job,” she shared.


Aymen Saleem

Hassan Choudary with Aymen Saleem


Talking about her plans to continue, Aymen said that she is overwhelmed with the feedback and wants to continue working.

“Yes, the response is very good and I’m reading a lot of scripts. I am considering a few at the moment; Arslan and I are getting a lot of offers as a pair because #HaShi is quite popular these days. So, we would like to read scripts and consider good projects as we owe it to our fans and we don’t want to disappoint them,” she said.

Watch the full interview here to know about her first fan moment and a lot more:



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