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3 Jun

Video: Here’s what goes on behind the scenes at Jeeto Pakistan

Fahad Mustafa

If you’re in Pakistan during the month of Ramazan, chances are you’ve seen or heard of Jeeto Pakistan, the game show hosted by Fahad Mustafa, who is often referred to as the biggest star in Pakistan at the moment.

The show goes live every single day without pause in Ramazan, gluing millions of Pakistanis to their TV screens right after iftaar. The audience waits for its favorite entertainer to burst onto the set to the now easily recognizable jingle of Jeeto Pakistan. With a number of quirks that have become a defining part of the show, it is easily the most successful Ramazan transmission on air.

Something Haute caught up with the man of the hour, Fahad Mustafa, backstage at the sets of his hit show to get a glimpse at how he manages to stay at the top of his game even during Ramazan, when energies run low and tempers can run high.

We got to follow the star around as he prepared for the show; from arriving just in time for iftaar and then getting his hair and makeup done, to being on an extreme time crunch, having to finish iftaar and his prayers in time to get dressed for the transmission. Fahad exudes a calm and collected demeanor prior to the show, a technique he has mastered over time to save up on energy, he says.

However, once the clock hits show time, Fahad is a fiery ball of energy that cannot be stopped! He bursts onto the stage amidst thunderous applause from the crowd that sometimes includes people who have travelled hours just to be a part of his show. The energy in the studio is palpable, and Fahad seems to be right in the center of it, unfazed!

Experience what goes behind the stage at Jeeto Pakistan and watch an exclusive chat with his special guests of the day, Sohai Ali Abro and Bilal Abbas Khan in this video:



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