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19 Oct

Video: Hira Mani & Affan Waheed talk about their on-screen chemistry

Hira Mani and Affan Waheed’s on-screen jori was loved by all and sundry when they first appeared in Do Bol. The drama was a hit and then came their second offing — Ghalati — which received a lukewarm response in the beginning but gained momentum by its finale. Now the duo is working on their third project together, titled Yun Tou Hai Pyaar Bohat, so it was high time to find out about the secret of their successful pairing.

We got in touch with the actors and here are some highlights of the interview:


How difficult it is to create the same magic on-screen between two actors again and again?

“I feel it all happens when you have a co-actor who equally responds to you in a scene. The magic automatically creates between a couple; I’ve noticed our directors, be it Wajahat Hussain (Do Bol), Saba Hameed (Ghalati) or Kashif Saleem (Yun Tou Hai Pyaar Bohat), they are immersed in our scenes while directing,” Hira said.

“I feel if you look the part and feel the part then everything else including chemistry, which already exists, falls into place. I think we are thinking actors who only care about what we are about to do in a scene…we don’t worry if this project is going to be a hit or not,” Affan added.


Hira Affan

Hira and Affan in Do Bol

So do they enjoy the same off-screen camaraderie that they have on-screen?

“Yes, we are really good friends and we can talk for hours ,” Hira said laughingly. “Though he is a very educated person and half of the time I’ve to check my dictionary to understand what he is saying.”

“I also believe that actors have to be porous as a person to be able to perform well,” Affan added.


Hira Affan

Hira and Affan in Ghalati


What do they like about each other and what would they change if given a chance?

“I feel Hira becomes impatient and restless at times but I don’t say anything because she is quite sensitive. During Do Bol, I lashed out once and Hira went quite and I really liked that she respected my anger. I think she has to calm her restlessness a bit,” Affan commented.


Hira Affan

Hira and Affan in Yun Tou Hai Pyaar Bohat


Tell us about your characters in the upcoming drama?

“I’m playing a musician and Hira is playing a lawyer in the upcoming drama. However, she doesn’t resolve cases for me and neither do I. We only add more problems in each other’s lives,” Affan said.

While Hira maintained that she has said no to any more “slaps and bad words” in dramas, Affan shared that it is hard to expect that actors would not do certain things in dramas. “We usually get similar content and all the scripts we are offered so it is highly unlikely that we can completely reject doing certain things. However, I can tone it down, perform it in a subtle way.”

Watch the full interview here to find out more about their upcoming drama as well as their friendship:





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