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22 May

Video: ‘I’m missing television but I’m waiting for a good script,’ says Mehwish Hayat

Mehwish Hayat

Mehwish Hayat is one of the few names in Pakistan’s entertainment industry who needs no introduction. The actress with hit dramas and films to her credit has recently also received Tamgha-i-Imtiaz for her work. Though she received heavy backlash from people for this achievement, the actress has taken the criticism in her stride as well.

In an exclusive chat with Something Haute, Mehwish Hayat looked back at her journey and spoke out about how she has cherished every step of the way. “I was always very responsible about picking the right projects and now the responsibility has grown manifolds but in a good way. I believe when Allah has blessed me with a voice that is heard by the people then why not use it for a good cause,” she said.

Mehwish considers herself an artist who isn’t confined by boundaries. Even after becoming a successful film star, the actress is open to working in TV dramas.

“I’m missing television but I’m waiting for a good script. After Dil Lagi, I don’t want to do something lukewarm; it has to be as amazing as Dil Lagi. If a good script comes my way, I would really want to do a drama serial this year. I also want to work in theater in the near future,” Mehwish said.

Her upcoming venture — Chhalawa — is all set to release this Eid ul Fitr and the actress is excited about the release.  Mehwish spoke highly of Wajaht Rauf and her Chhalawa team with whom she has previously worked on the web series Enaaya. Talking about the film’s comparisons to Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge and Punjab Nahi Jaungi, the actress thinks “Blockbuster movies like DDLJ and Punjab Nahi Jaungi leave everlasting impressions on people and hence these comparisons. It’s an original script but you can always find certain similarities between romantic comedies.”

Find out more about Chhalawa’s shoot, Mehwish upcoming dance number Chirya and her singing career in this video:



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