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1 Aug

Video: Mahira Khan reacts to Firdous Jamal’s comments regarding her age

Mahira Khan

Much has been said and written following the recent controversy involving veteran actor Firdous Jamal’s insensitive comments about Mahira Khan. Something Haute recently caught up with the actress to talk about her upcoming film Superstar, and we made the most of this opportunity to address the matter.

When asked how she deals with such comments, Mahira, who has already penned down a heartfelt letter over the subject, responded in a dignified manner. “It’s okay. It’s his opinion. I would not have come out and written that letter if everybody from the industry wasn’t talking about it. As a matter of fact, I didn’t speak to anybody about it except Sarmad Khoosat and of course these guys (Bilal Ashraf and team) who are around me.I have never done that and I will never do that,” she said.


Mahira Khan


Mahira has different take on all the love and support she received after the controversy.

“All my peers, contemporaries and fraternity people talked about it. I was overwhelmed and wondered ‘why am I getting this support?’ Well… it was actually because of how these people have known me all these years. The support wasn’t for pointing out that someone is wrong, it was more about don’t degrade a person who has worked so hard,” Mahira added.

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Mahira also admitted that she prefers staying silent and had no intention to write about this as well. However, she realizes that it’s high time we stop belittling each other.

“If actors will start degrading each other then I (as an actor) have no right to call out faceless and nameless trolls who are doing the same on social media,” she concluded.

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