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22 Oct

Video: Urwa Hocane reveals how Imran Ashraf convinced her to do Mushk

Actor turned producer Urwa Hoccane has done some great projects over the years. She’s managed to make headlines for the work she chooses to do. However, she had taken a break from television and we’ll have to admit, we truly missed her.

Despite starring in some big films, the multitalented actor last appeared in television drama, Udaari, which aired in 2016. The project became a massive hit that was both critically acclaimed and appreciated by the audience.

In an exclusive interview with Something Haute, the actor revealed that she did get some great projects over the years but she had to turn them down and take a break from acting due to her responsibilities that came with producing upcoming film, Tich Button.

Urwa has now returned to our screens as Guddi in Mushk. So far, the actor has played the role to perfection and it’s almost impossible to think of anyone else executing that part. But do you know Urwa herself did not think she was fit for the role?



During her chat with Something Haute, Urwa confessed that she knew this project would be a hit as soon as she read a few pages from the script but she wasn’t sure if she would be able to do justice to the character. As for director Aehsun Talish, he saw Urwa as Guddi right from the beginning.

“When you’re acting in back to back projects, you’re in a flow. At this time I had self-doubts,” Urwa said, adding that she thought she had forgotten how to act.

She had cold feet before going on the set and by the third or fourth day, she had decided that she just couldn’t. That is when actor and scriptwriter Imran Ashraf made his entry and finally convinced Urwa to do the project.

Imran Ashraf was busy shooting for his upcoming film while the director had been constantly trying to make Urwa believe that she was Guddi. The Ranjha Ranjha Kardi actor was so sure about Urwa that he left his film set and came to meet Urwa just to convince her.

That is when Urwa finally gave in and we’re glad she did. Have a look at the complete interview below:



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