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14 May

Video: Uzma Beg reveals why she was reluctant to play Bakhto in Chupke Chupke

Uzma Beg

Uzma Beg is not a common face in our television dramas but it would be fair to say that she will be remembered as the naughty and high-spirited Bakhto after this Ramazan, as she has stole our hearts in Chupke Chupke. Not many know but the actress has been working in the industry since the 90s and has worked with some of the veterans, and has even studied film direction and production from London.

In an exclusive chat with Hassan Choudary of Something Haute, Uzma talked about why she opted for the role, what she loved while playing Amma and much more:

“The entire credit for this incredible transformation from Uzma Beg to Bakhto in Chupke Chupke goes to our creative team. We were very anxious and nervous when it was happening,” she said, adding, “I was dying to do comedy because I was tried of crying in every project. However, I worked on Dum Mastam first but unfortunately, it hasn’t been released yet.”


Uzma Beg

Hassan Choudary and Uzma Beg


Talking about how she received the role of playing a dadi [grandmom] in a comedy drama, Uzma shared: “I was so excited to get an offer for a comedy serial that I didn’t hear the word dadi. Later, when I found out that I have to play a grandmother, I refused it outright. I was so upset, then I read the script and I discussed it with my husband, my mom and Ehteshamuddin, who is like my guru in the industry. So, he told me that it is just a role and you’re an actor and you won’t be labeled a dadi if you would do it. Now, I have officially become poray Pakistani ki dadi.

“I wanted to play a Punjabi dadi because Punjabi is my home ground, however, Danish asked me to play a Saraiki dadi. It was a bit challenging but I eat, sleep, drank and lived and breathed Saraiki to prepare for this role. I can fluently speak six languages so I was worried that I shouldn’t disappoint viewers,” she shared.

Watch the full interview here to find out why she left a scholarship at London School of Economics to pursue her passion:



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