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19 May

Visually impaired British-Pakistani singer impresses judges on Britain’s Got Talent

Britain's got talent

In a recent episode of Britain’s Got Talent, the judges were left speechless and emotionally struck by an incredible performance. 14-year-old British-Pakistani teenager, Sirine Jahangir, who is also visually impaired, sang a soulful rendition of Salvation by Gabrielle Alpin. She not only received a standing ovation from the audience but also a unanimous ‘yes’ from all the judges.

Prior to her performance, she explained: “So it’s pretty obvious that I can’t see. There was a time when I could, and now, I can’t. But I guess music is my vision and that’s what I live by. It’s like it’s my thing…” The judges including Simon Cowell had only praises for her performance. “I think I should be the first person to say yes,” he said.



Her family, sitting in the audience seemed emotional watching her performance. Her younger brother can be seen tearing up, listening to his sister sing. When Sirine mentioned how many family members were actually present in the audience (as is for any desi event), the judges also joked about it saying, “That’s the entire audience!”

We hope Sirine shines wherever her path takes her. With such a beautiful voice, she surely has big things in store for her future.


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