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21 Jan

Wajahat Rauf’s web-series ‘Enaaya’ is off to a promising start


Presenting the first web-series of its kind in Pakistan, Wajahat Rauf’s Enaaya which stars Mehwish Hayat, Azfar Rehman, Asad Siddiqui and Faryal Mehmood in lead roles is finally out on Eros Now and YouTube.

 The first episode lives up to our expectations and here are some important points we noted.

Mehwish -who plays the titular role- helms from a broken family. Gule Rana who plays the character of Enaaya’s mother raises her on her own by running a cafe. The story unfolds when we figure out why her husband played by Saife Hasan, left them.

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Although the story, cinematography and cast seem to be doing justice to the series, the script seems slightly weak. Many scenes such as literally narrating why Saife left the family is a weak way of storytelling and we hope that this won’t be the course of storytelling throughout.




The story brings forth Mehwish’s repressed feelings, as she continues to think why her father must have left them. At the same time, we meet the rest of the cast and their characters are introduced. The script also makes use of desi colloquials and you’re forced to think, was it really necessary?

Faryal, who plays the role of a stereotypical ‘burger‘ girl is possibly the most irritating character which is a job well done on her part as that is the very purpose of her character.

Azfar, Asad and Waqar Godhra who are trying to form a band, get into a quarrel with a prospect lead singer. However, Mehwish, in hopes to vent out her pent up emotions walks into the auditorium while the boys are out. But, upon their return, they hear her sing and instantly know that she is the perfect fit for their band as a lead vocalist.




Faryal is also seen as the love interest of Azfar and extremely possessive about him. It will be interesting to see how she reacts to a female addition in their band. The story, which is off to a good pace seems promising and refreshing for the audience.

The next episode will reveal what happens to the fate of the band. From the trailer, we know that Mehwish will become a singer, but will it be an easy path?

You can watch the first episode on YouTube:


Ayesha Ghaffar

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