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28 Mar

Wajahat Rauf’s Chhalawa is an ideal recipe for family entertainment


The year has just started but filmmakers are rolling out exciting projects for cinema-goers in Pakistan. After Sher Dil and Laal Kabootar‘s success at the box office, Wajahat Rauf’s forthcoming film Chhalawa seems to be the romantic comedy that will likely attract people in huge numbers.

Featuring Mehwish Hayat, Azfar Rehman, Zara Noor Abbas Siddiqui and Asad Siddiqui in lead roles, the first teaser of the film is out. It puts forth emotions of love, sorrow and heartbreak, all the ingredients needed to make a film a perfect family entertainer.

The first teaser introduces us to all the characters of the film in montage shots and except for the first sequence, there are no dialogues, making it a teaser in its true sense. While we see a lot happening, what really got our attention was Mehwish in a steamy look which got us thinking if she’ll be doing another item song for the film.

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Produced and written by Wajahat himself, this will mark Zara and Asad’s debut on the big screen. This will also be the only film Mehwish will be seen in this year. Previously, Wajahat has worked with the same set of actors for first Pakistani web-series – Enaaya — which was released on Eros Now and received mixed reviews. Talking about the film the director said, “the story is set in Punjab and it revolves around romance and comedy. It is a family film, shedding light on the relationship between a father-daughter and the bond shared by siblings. It is our little labour of love.”

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Most of the films scheduled for 2019 are either romantic, action or thriller, leaving more room for comedy films. So, films like Chhalawa can easily fill in that void and rake in big numbers. The film slated for an Eid ul Fitr release will be competing with the highly anticipated film of the year The Legend of Maula Jatt alongside Wrong Number 2.


Chhalawa First look! After months of blood, sweat and fortunately no tears, We present to you our little passion project, our labour of love by this exceptionally talented cast, dop and every single member of team showcase. Please share away and kindly click on HD before watching it thank you. Mehwish Hayat Azfar Rehman Zara Noor Abbas Asad Siddiqui Mahmood Aslam Aashir Wajahat Shazia Wajahat Adnan Shah Tipu Mohsin Ejaz Asrad Khan Aamir Hussain Foga Bilawal Hussain Abbassi Shiraz UppalChhalawa – the movie Screenplay, Directed & Produced by: Wajahat RaufExecutive Producer: Shazia Wajahat DOP: Asrad Khan Lead Editor: Hasan Ali Khan Head of Production: Hammad Modi Assistant Directors: Amir Foga, Bilalwal Abbassi, Saad Music Director: Shiraz UppalStyle Director: Munib Nawaz Stylist: Asma Sohail Director of Choreography: Wahab ShahMakeup & Styling: Nabila's P.R: CatalystCreative Campaign Designer: Nasir Altaf Art Direction: Fayakun CreativesPost: Sharp Image Distributors: Eveready & Hum Films Media Partners: Hum tv Copyright Showcase Films 2019

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