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19 Jul

Is Waqar Zaka better than Qandeel Baloch?

If there’s one thing Waqar Zaka is known for, it has to be his cheap sense of humour and publicity stunts. Every time we think he cannot hit a new low for attention, he proves us wrong. The man has been ‘living on the edge’ for quite some time now and his latest target is Qandeel Baloch.

The trailer of Baaghi – a biopic on Qandeel starring Saba Qamar – has just been released and Waqar thought it was his social responsibility to give a verdict on Qandeel’s character and label her unworthy of glory. The only thing that ended up being unworthy, though, is Waqar Zaka and his opinion.

The once popular host tried to knock sense into Pakistan by saying, “Rebel aur prostitute mei difference rakho. (There’s a difference between a rebel and a prostitute). Respect for all females but eik female ney na khabi charity ki , na khabi society ki betterment ki planning ki, (she never participated in charity work or worked towards the betterment of society) just posted porn style videos , kept selling herself without any pressure or majbori tu usko glorify karna chahiye? (Should we glorify her?)

He didn’t stop there, however and wrote,”I guess Meera k marney k baad tou us ka minar bana dou gaey (After Meera’s death you guys will probably build her a monument) lol oh but for that she needs to be killed by a man.

Rebel aur Prosititue mei difference rako. Respect for all females but eik female ney na khabi Charity ki , na khabi…

Posted by Waqar Zaka on Dienstag, 18. Juli 2017


What we fail to understand is that ‘Boss, Qandeel ney app ko bola kiya hai?‘ She lost her life precisely because of this judgmental society and it’s sad that the same attitude continues even after her death.

Live and let live, guys!


The Haute Team

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