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26 Apr

Why we loved ‘Mon Amour – Babushka, My Love’

Wardha Saleem

From the interesting name of the collection, to the colours, playful silhouettes, funky jewellery and innovative designs, there was nothing we didn’t love about Wardha Saleem’s  Mon Amour – Babushka, My Love.

A collection dedicated to her mother by Wardha Saleem, Mon Amour meaning ‘My love’ in French, the collection was uplifting, full of colour and a delight to watch as it unraveled on the ramp. A closer look at each piece also shows the excellent techniques and craft used to create each distinct piece. From traditional cross-stitching and beadwork to the innovative use of a basketry technique, each outfit had exquisite details that stood out and gave every look its own character.

Speaking to the designer, Wardha told us how the collection ranged from luxury pret to formals, to show how every piece had a different direction, yet signature aesthetic. We asked the designer why the name of the collection, which was inspired by Russian Babushka dolls, was in French. “The inspiration is from the Russian figurines, however the collection has a lovely soft feel to it, which is why we used the French phrase for ‘my love,’” we were told.

Along with the fun prints and embellishments, the collection also played with the season’s latest and most loved trends. From free flowing silhouettes to pleated peplums, statement sleeves, ruffles and tasseled jackets, we saw it all!

Coming to our favourite part of the showcase: the quirky accessories! With lovely exclusive hand crafted jewelry designed by the multi talented Tapu Javeri plus eccentric shoes designed by Nubain Ali, the accessories added to each outfit and completed the look perfectly. The brand’s limited edition hand painted bags collection was launched last year with their London collection, and will be continued with the bags from this collection. The collection will be up for retail in May, while a special exhibition will be held for the accessories.

“We have kept the accessories as exclusive pieces, as we did last time, which means only two people in the entire world can have the same bag.” Wardha told us, to our delight, giving us more of a reason to buy one of every piece! Here’s a look at some of our favourite pieces from the collection…

Wardha Saleem

Wardha Saleem

Wardha Saleem

Wardha Saleem


  • Photographs by Jaffer Hasan


Mariam Tahir

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