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28 Oct

WB by Hemani heralds in #NatureKaNayaDaur with their new products

WB by Hemani is all set to start a new era of chemical free skincare products and cosmetics and has brought us #NatureKaNayaDaur with their advanced skincare products, based on all-natural ingredients.

With a wide range of already existing skincare products, the self care brand has 26 stores and boasts of a constantly updated website which functions as a one-stop shop for all your skin, hair and healthcare problems. With their USP of organic and natural products, the brand is a tough competitor in an industry that is inundated with scary chemical concoctions, and who wouldn’t want that?

They recently revisited their organic self care range, which now includes state-of-the-art ‘LED Skin Treatment tools’, masks, and fresh product ranges like their Natural Skincare Collection, the Glow Boost Collection etc, also including a makeup range at par with big names. In a highly informative event held at the Karachi Club Annexe, under an open sky for that ultimate, closer-to-nature feel, one could test out the products from a gorgeous spread, and even try out the skin-testing and treating technologies.


Bloggers trying out the makeup products, just as we did.


We tried out some products from WB by Hemani and then rounded up our favorites from their line of products. Some we tried out at the event, and some we got to take home and try over a period of time so we can give honest feedback. Here are our top picks, and all the benefits of using these!


Oh So Flawless Makeup



We got to try WB by Hemani’s makeup range, Oh So Flawless, as a part of an activity at the event, and trust us when we say, we won’t be exaggerating the application and the results at all. The shadows are pigmented and go on smooth, with little to no fallout, in fact the looks we all created on the spot turned out even better than what we had spent hours on perfecting at home. The liner glides on perfectly, with a precise tip and over all, we would definitely purchase the palette for ourselves!


Glow Boost Vitamin C Serum




The Vitamin C serum from this range is the perfect concoction of two powerful ingredients, that are regularly referred to as star ingredients in skincare. And to have both of them in one bottle? It’s really the best of both worlds! Aptly named, this is the perfect glow booster, with vitamin C and hyaluronic acid, both of which help in evening out skin tone, improve elasticity, reduce fine lines, wrinkles and age spots, and enhance skin moisture. If you’re looking for an affordable option for a powerful serum, this is your best bet!


Intensive Care Therapy Aloe Vera Hair Mask



Aloe vera has long been on the list of beauty needs for people on this side of the world. Most of us have heard our moms and aunts talk about how aloe vera can fix all your beauty woes. However, using the plant itself can be a bit tricky for some, with having to deal with the smell and the slimy texture. This hair mask helps eliminate that struggle and brings you all the benefits of aloe vera in a sturdy jar. What more could we want? It also boasts of the goodness of egg, yeast and lemon for your hair, all of which are decades old home remedial ingredients. We tried this mask and needless to say, it left our hair shiny and more manageable than it has in recent times. And you can see our jar that’s already used half-way.  Definitely a must-have!


Manuka Honey Moisturizing And Softening Body Milk

Other than its health benefits, manuka honey is equally great for skin concerns. A rich source of amino acids, vitamins, calcium, magnesium etc. it boosts vitality, youthful energy, and has been known to improve skin tone and texture. If you’re looking for a sure-shot way to keep your skin moisturized and supple in the upcoming winter months, go ahead and order this body milk, it won’t let you down.

Head over to the WB by Hemani online store to place your orders, and what’s better? We have a promo code for you. Type in ‘shaut15’ before checking out and avail 15% off your total order.


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