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30 Oct

“We did not own a television while growing up,” says Sonya Hussyn


Sonya Hussyn’s chemistry with Zahid Ahmed in Ishq Zahe Naseeb was loved by many and to see them star in yet another drama is an absolute treat. However, despite their amazing on-screen chemistry, the teasers of Mohabbat Tujhe Alvida landed immediately in controversy.

Sonya, as well as Zahid, are known to play very diverse and unique characters on TV, but their latest venture proved to be a copy of the Bollywood film, Judaai. In an earlier interview with Something Haute, Zahid shared his disappointment over the plagiarism controversy surrounding the drama. Talking to Aamna Haider Isani in a recent exclusive interview, Sonya also shared her thoughts on plagiarism.

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“I did not know,” was Sonya’s immediate response when asked if she knew that it was this much inspired by the Bollywood film. The very talented actor had not watched the film, in fact, she said they did not even own a television in her house.

“I was always a medical student and you can imagine how little time medical students get. In fact, we did not even own a television in our house,” she revealed when asked if she was a film fanatic or not. “I started watching television after stepping into acting. Before that, I was totally unaware.”

Sonya reveals that she was unaware that this was borrowed content. “Even if I’m told that a script takes inspiration from somewhere, I intentionally avoid watching that particular film or drama in an attempt to keep things as original as possible.”

The actor also shared her disappointment with the channel for releasing the teaser in a manner that it looked like it was cut from a film. “Following the backlash, I did go and watch Judaai.”

“Yes, the storyline and plot has been borrowed,” agreed Sonya who plays Ulfat, a character to similar Sridevi’s in Judaai. However, she also said that there’s a lot more to the drama that the audience needs to explore.

Is Sonya in any way like the character she plays? “Absolutely not. I would let my man go marry another woman if he wanted to. But I’d ask him to leave me first,” she laughed.

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