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24 Jul

Who’s this man in Fawad Khan’s skin?

fawad khan

The man we saw on Saturday night was not the same Fawad Khan – bearded and beefed up – that we had been seeing for the past few months. This weekend Fawad Khan turned up at two events in Lahore MINUS his beard and that’s all his fans have been talking about! Well, that and his Pepsi Battle of the Bands steam appearance, that is!

So here’s the thing. We saw Fawad Khan, barely, in Ae Dil Hai Mushkil and then we stopped seeing him. The few appearances we got were of Fawad in a completely different avatar, heavily bearded and apparently bulked up to play the role of the Punjabi Maula Jutt. The beard kept growing and the hair kept growing and soon enough we had a bear of a man who could’ve passed for a younger R.R Martin. However, over the weekend the actor made a few appearances and eye witnesses say they did not recognise him at first. It was ‘off with the beard!’ and the Fawad we are familiar with.


fawad khan

Fawad Khan with Rup Magon, at the premiere of The Black Prince


According to sources, Fawad had started altering his appearance for Maula Jutt in December. He had to muscle up for which he actually lost 5-7kgs, over the course of the year. The burly look was largely due to the beard and messy hair, as the actor did not want to depend on a fake beard to do the part. The beard has come off so we can only assume that Maula Jutt’s filming has ended (no confirmations on that).

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fawad khan

Fawad Khan with HSY, at the Pakistan Wedding Show which also took place on Saturday

It is quite commendable to see actors taking their roles so seriously and undergoing such intense physical changes. Amir Khan for instance, is known for his commitment as he gained a whooping 22kgs for his role in Dangal. Sheheryar Munawar too, had to bulk up for his role in Project Ghazi. It seems our own Khan is just as devoted, as he also initially lost an immense amount of weight for his Bollywood debut, Khoobsurat, and showed off a slim body and chiseled face.

Sheheryar Munawar talks about his crazy work out routine for Project Ghazi

Right now we’re delighted to see what magic a clean shave and haircut can do. We will be seeing Fawad as judge on Pepsi Battle of the Bands and it’ll be interesting to see him with and without his beard!


Mariam Tahir

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