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31 Oct

Will announce female lead in London Nahi Jaunga soon: Humayun Saeed

With various rumors, and yes these are all rumors for now *surprise surprise*, floating around the cast of London Nahi Jaunga, producer (and of course lead actor of said film) Humayun Saeed has disclosed that neither Mehwish Hayat not Kubra Khan have been locked as the female lead, not yet at least.

“Yes we are indeed in talks with two/three actresses but we haven’t signed a contract with anyone yet. Once we do, we will make an official announcement,” Humayun told Something Haute exclusively.


Humayun Saeed as Fawad Khagga in Punjab Nahi Jaungi


London Nahi Jaunga is being touted as a follow-up to the 2017 hit Punjab Nahi Jaungi which featured Mehwish Hayat alongside Humayun Saeed, hence the rumors that Mehwish will be reprising her role. However, some reports also suggest that the movie will not continue from where the earlier one left off. Guess we will just have to wait and see.

So yeah, hold your horses. As soon as the cast is finalized, you will be the first ones to know, we will make sure of that.


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