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5 May

WIRED brings the party home with Andre Grossi

andre grossi

The circuit dance scene is regarded as a glorious incoherent merriment of diverse music genres, moods and artistic expressions that have not only become popular but embody the way people perceive music as a lifestyle and not just an audio track. Since its inception, WIRED the brainchild of Imtisal Zafar, has exceeded all expectations in giving its audience a night that is not just an event but an experience. It is a celebration with an extraordinary story that, according to its organizers, will put Pakistan on the map of the circuit scene and definitely put a dent in the existing preconceived notions of the international community. It will also provide a venue for its attendees to truly celebrate music that is more than the occasional pop number or a hit Bollywood track on repeat.

Andre Grossi is not just a curious kid, born and raised in southern Brazil, he is a resident of Sao Paulo and has played at international Venues like Mexico, Brazil and US over a span of his career in the electronic music scene, now proudly adding Pakistan to his list of accomplishments and to his already heavy and impressive portfolio. We sat down with the DJ/Producer and asked him all about his fears, experience and whether or not he would be coming back for another gig.


andre grossi

Andre Grossi at Badshahi Mosque

How did you feel when the opportunity to bring your music to Pakistan came about and what went through your mind in making that decision? Was it a tough one?

I was definitely taken by surprise when the opportunity to come to Pakistan emerged. When the moment came to make it official and public, I was already used to the idea and in fact started to look forward to it. Even though I have had plenty of friends that were just as baffled as I was in the beginning, since it is so far away and unusual for one to suddenly be going to Pakistan where we don’t hear much or nothing at all about the electronic dance scene.

How did it feel to come to an alien city with such a stark contrast in terms of culture, language and even music?

In the last few days before the trip I tried not to create too many expectations and let everything happen by itself. I was definitely taken by surprise by the historic yet modern feel of the city. The weather however was much more intense than I had thought and it’s surprisingly hotter than the temperatures we are used to in Brazil.

We are a predominately Bollywood obsessed nation with our music choices and likeness, how was the response playing it in front of a local audience?

People have been receptive and welcoming to me from the very first night until my last moments in Lahore. I have made many new friends and exchanged experiences with so many people from all over Pakistan that came over for the weekend. The show was simply mind blowing and surpassed every possible expectation, while the crowd responded wildly at every new song. I can honestly say I have never had such a blast playing like I did this time.

What in your short trip to Lahore, do you think will bring you back?

The love and the energy I got back from this trip has undoubtedly left me wanting more and I really do hope I have the chance to return, either for another show or for catching up with friends and definitely seeing some other cities as well.
What is your favourite part about Lahore?

And just as much as the receptivity and warmth of the people from Lahore, I am taking back very sweet (and spicy) memories from the local cuisine after being exposed to several typical dishes over the week. And by bringing some of the local spices with me I hope to replicate some of those memories eventually.

Haider Maqsood

The author is our Haute Lahore Correspondent, who's a part time writer with a full time passion to stay candid and loud!