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8 Mar

Women’s Day: 7 haute & unstoppable ladies

Women's Day

As the saying goes: give a woman the right shoes (and lipstick) and she can conquer the world. Women are considered to be fragile and sensitive but in fact they are the stronger gender. This Women’s Day, let’s rewind a bit and talk about women that have not only contributed in numerous ways to Pakistan’s betterment but are still remembered for their impeccable elegance and unique style.


1. Fatima Jinnah


Starting with Mother of the Nation, who was a style icon in her era and till date she is recalled as one of the most fashionable women who was way ahead of her time. Very easy to guess, Fatima Ali Jinnah. She was an epitome of simplicity yet always looked beautiful. Her style continues to inspire us and it can be shopped here.



2. Madam Noor Jehan


Next is the woman who never failed to surprise us with her charismatic personality and glamorous style, our very own Malaika Tarranum Noor Jehan. Her style is still cherished and women want to copy her looks in Pakistan as well as worldwide. The highlight of her look was her hair and she was known to always experiment with it. You can shop similar items here.



3. Bushra Ansari


Known for her roles on television and great humour, Bushra Ansari has always been in the limelight for her fun personality. She defied the norms and redefined them according to her own terms. She has always carried her personal style with great confidence, which can be shopped here.



4. Nazia Hassan


The 80s style is back in fashion, so who better to look to for tips than our very young Queen of Pop, Nazia Hassan. Nazia wasn’t just exceptionally talented when it comes to music, she was also way ahead of her time when in terms of fashion statements. Want to dress like her? Get it here.



5. Benazir Bhutto


Well known for her sense of fashion and grace, along with a bold choice of hues and a simple duppatta draped over her head, Benazir Bhutto is next in our list. Seen mostly in a bold red lip color, her look continues to inspire women in Pakistan. Shop her look here.



6. Nabila Maqsood


Always in the limelight for having a mind of her own, Nabila Maqsood is a woman of substance. She has always been comfortable in her own skin and she has encouraged everyone to do the same. Therefore, her makeup line isn’t just restricted to woman of one colour but caters to everyone. You can shop the Zero makeup line here.



7. Mahira Khan


Who doesn’t know the lady who starred opposite King Khan in a Bollywood film? You guessed it right, Mahira Khan. The actress is a perfect combination of beauty and personality, representing a true picture of Pakistan’s empowered women. Shop her look here.



What do you think of our list? Who is an unstoppable woman according to you? Let us know in the comments.



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