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22 Jan

‘Wonder Woman 2’ to use anti-sexual harassment guidelines on set

Wonder Woman

With a number of celebrities in Hollywood raising their voice against sexual harassment in the industry, the Producer’s Guild of America (PGA) has released a set of guidelines to prevent and deal with sexual harassment on film sets. Now, implementing those guidelines first on the film sets will be upcoming DC production, Wonder Woman 2.

According to Vanity Fair, in keeping with the ideals of Wonder Woman – a powerful, liberated woman who protects the innocent – the move has been lauded by Hollywood, as the figure has served as an inspiration for women for decades.

The PGA guidelines, released on Friday, outline a number of ways film productions can prevent the tide of sexual harassment on sets, from the basic—obey local and federal guidelines regarding sexual assault—to more proactive efforts, including designating advocates on set to whom workers can report concerns without fear of a reprisal.

Wonder Woman 2 will release in Summer 2019.



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