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18 Nov

#WrappedbyAlKaram: Bracing winter and its enchanting tales


Long wintry nights and breezy warm afternoons are what makes winter the perfect season to go on an adventure with friends and create ever-lasting memories. Alkaram embraced the seasonal change this year by capturing this wintertide’s memorable tales with its #WrappedbyAlkaram campaign that included an ideal “Winter Wandering” with key influencers from Lahore and Karachi. These influencers included representatives from renowned publications like Something Haute and Hello as well as influential bloggers namely, Ania Fawad, Nimra Khalid, Areej Fatima, Rida Mirza, Bazla Tauqeer, Sobia Saleem, and Tashfeen Arshad.

With a beautiful destination in mind, the brand came up with mellow yet striking winter fabrics to showcase through the influences. This was yet another step by Alkaram to focus on real-life experiences that matter rather than curated shoots. The #WrappedbyAlkaram campaign kicked off with alluring invites being sent to the influencers to join in for a winter escapade to Nathia Gali and showcase Alkaram’s Fall/Winter 2020 Collection. Alkaram set the tone for the forthcoming adventure with invites that included travel-friendly gifts like customized bag tags, travel pillows, an itinerary, and make-up products by Maybelline New York.


Day 1



The trip lasted for three days and two nights, from 20th to 22nd October at the Alpine Resorts. The exotic venue made for a mesmerizing backdrop. All the girls flaunting the ethereal fabrics of Alkaram, began the first day with casual activities like a shopping spree to the Nathia Gali Bazaar.





The influencers enjoyed taking pictures dressed in their beautiful ensembles with locally available traditional and antique jewellery and were awestruck by the picturesque locales. The day concluded with winter’s best offering; all the influencers sat down around a bonfire arranged at the hotel to bond over steaming cups of coffee, reminiscing over the memories of an eventful day, and sharing stories.




Day 2



The second day had a lot more adventure in store. The girls started early with a breakfast at a local restaurant followed by the wild and exciting experience of hiking at the Mushk Puri Treks. Wrapped in the comfort of warm, Alkaram fabrics, the girls strolled through the mountains capturing instances of excitement.






With a quick turn to the hotel for a change of outfits, the girls then went on to witness the sparkling blues of the beautiful Samandar Katha lakes. Dressed in the somber colours of winter apparel, influencers made sure that the fascination and scenic views of this winter wandering reach all and sundry as they shared every moment. The day concluded with everyone devouring over the popular local cuisine “Patakha Chicken”.





Day 3



The last day though concentrated on packing up and taking leave from the peaceful place, but it was also about experiencing the beauty of fall at the scenic stops in Abbottabad. The girls stopped by Chinar Road to absorb the rust and orange hues of autumn.



This was followed by a short visit to the Sajji Kot Waterfall. Chinar Road complemented the palettes of Alkaram’s winter wear with its autumn feels and mystic views. With crunchy leaves under the foot, the girls went for a memorable walk that was worth capturing.





A number of photographs were shot across the Sajji Kot Waterfall where the nature was at its prime. The adventurous trip marked its end amidst nature’s bounties but left the Alkaram women with many tales to share and recall.



#WrappedbyAlkaram created a benchmark for adventure and fashion by initiating a conversation on how brands can build memorable campaigns centering around real experiences.


The Haute Team

This article is written by one of our competent team members.