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10 Jun

Writers join hands to form Screenwriters Association of Pakistan


Good news for the Pakistan entertainment industry; now playwrights will also have a proper representation in the industry as veterans and renowned writers have joined forces to form the Screenwriters Association of Pakistan.

Much like actors, who are protected by the organization known as ACT, and producers are covered by UPA, there was no framework for writers — who are responsible for the soul of any project — the script. According to news reports, the body emerges as the sole representative of professional screenwriters employed in the Pakistani entertainment industry. The association aspires to work in collaboration with channels and productions to safeguard the rights of writers, especially their right to royalties.

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The initiative was taken by acclaimed writer, producer and host Asma Nabeel, who has given us dramas such as Khaani, Surkh ChandniĀ andĀ Dil Kiya Karey, to name a few. Soon a number of screenwriters joined the initiative and a new committee was elected.



Screenwriters Association of Pakistan


The executive committee includes Vasay Chaudhry as the President and Umera Ahmed as the Vice President. Saji Gul will serve as the General Secretary, while Asma Nabeel will be the Joint Secretary. Inaam Hassan will look after the finances as the Finance Secretary and Rida Bilal will be the Spokesperson for the executive committee. Bigwigs like Zafar Mairaj, Amna Mufti, Syed Mohammed Ahmed and Bee Gul are the advisors who are onboard.



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