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25 Jul

Yasir Hussain and Saheefa Jabbar defend celebs amidst voting controversy

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While election day has finally arrived and people all around Pakistan are voting for their chosen political parties, the backlash over a number of celebrities missing out has caused more drama than anything else. Now, to defend the celebs over the whole fiasco, Yasir Hussain and Saheefa Jabbar have taken to social media.

Actor Yasir Hussain, posted a long message on Instagram shutting up haters and clearing his stance on the issue.


Assalam u alykum.. Salam is liye k musalman Gali deny se pehly jawab zaroor den.. yeh picture aur aisi bohot si aur jis mai aap ko @saeedhumayun #bushraansari @mikaalzulfiqar @hareemfarooq @thekubism @mahirahkhan @haniaheheofficial @thekubism @atifaslam @ahmedalibutt aur bohot sary aisy log jinhon ne khushi aur gham mai aap sab ka sath dia dikhai de rahy hain. #1 hum sab ka contract for #humawards #election2018 ki date se pehly ho chuka tha.. wesy toh hum sab kehty hain “work is worship” magar hum kaam karen toh “chilling in Canada” ho jata hai.. aisa kyon?? Kyon aap k favourite celebrities har wakt kar baat har galti ki mafi mangty rahen.. hum sab aam insaan hain farishty nah . We work v hard to entertain you all . Kyon Atif Aslam Bushra ansari jesy legends ko hum aik min mai zero kar dety hain? Kyon #mahirakhan ki har baat ko pakarna hum ne apna qomi farz samajh lia hai.. mai ne 2 dafa vote cast kia hai magar kuch fark nahi para .. kya aik aam insaan ki tarha mai is saal ka vote mis nahi kar sakta?? Kya apni commitment ko poora nahi kar sakta ?? Kyon aap 18 se 30 saal k log apny se bary actors ko galiyan dety rehty hain?. Aap k gharon mai kya sirf vote k bary mai bataya jata hai baron ki izzat k bary mai nahi,?? Agar hamari bhool aik jurm hai toh hamary wapas aaty hi police hamen arrest kary aur case chalae.. naye Pakistan mai bhi hum behtar law and order hi chahty hain toh let’s start with that . #respect #peace #pakistanzindabad??? Aur han @imranabbas.official agar aap k samny k naye bachy perform kar rahy hain toh dil bara karen aur machis ko pocket mai hi rakhen Shukria ??

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The actor questioned the amount of hate that celebs have received and lamented on the ‘unnecessary’ backlash. Model Saheefa Jabbar also joined the bandwagon and lent her support to Yasir.


Fellow Colleagues & Pakistani's, As i scrolled through my SM feeds today, i noticed people shaming my fellow colleagues (who have flown to Canada for the Awards) as they won't be casting their votes. My response – 1. Election dates were announced in end May and our plans with respect to dates were almost confirmed in April. 2. This also means that preparations for the awards started before April. 3. Appreciate the fact that our industry is going global. 4. All the artists can afford to go to Canada on their own instead of finding an excuse for having a leisure trip. 5. Everyone has a right to choose what their priority is. 6. This does not prove that someone is less patriotic than YOU. 7. Be a PAKISTANI everyday, 365 days a year! 8. Instead of appreciating the fact that they are going international, stop degarding them infront of everyone else giving an impression that they care less about Pakistan. 9. Open your arms and your hearts to accept that people can be busy. 10. Step out and exercise your right to vote. 11. Support eachother. 12. Hope, pray and play your part for a better a tomorrow and a better PAKISTAN for everyone. 13. Don't forget the eggs in your breakfast! #nayapakistannahibalkaynayisoch #love #peace #patience #acceptance #appreciate #support #saheefajabbarkhattak

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While Saheefa and Yasir have expressed their views on the situation thoroughly, we’re not sure if this will stop people from feeling the way they do.

Do you agree with the two? Let us know your thoughts in comments.


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