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9 Apr

“Yes, I’m depressed but I’m not crazy,” says Meera

Earlier this week, a video of Meera’s mother went viral. She said her daughter had been admitted to a psychiatric facility in the US against her will and also appealed to the government of Pakistan to do something about the situation.



Yesterday, actor Imran Abbas came forward to clarify that no such thing had happened and that he had personally spoken to the actor himself. He also wrote that making jokes about someone’s ‘mental instability is not funny’.

In a conversation with Aamna Isani of Something Haute, Meera has now personally clarified the situation.

She says she had gone for her Covid vaccination, however, news of her being hospitalised because of mental illness went viral.

“Mental health is a serious issue and I don’t know how people can make things up and then make fun of the situation as they are,” she said, speaking from New York.

“Yes, I’m depressed but I’m not crazy or mental,” Meera added. She shared that she had been losing projects and that was taking a toll on her. “What projects or commercials have I gotten following the success of Baaji?” she questioned. “Of course it’s all very depressing for me. But I’m not mental.”



“There are so many lobbies in play right now. There are so many crocodiles sitting in every channel. They do not approve my projects,” she further shared her disappointment.

Meera also disclosed that she had signed a Ramazan transmission with PTV which got cancelled last minute. “Yes I am depressed but that does not mean I am mentally disturbed or I have been admitted,” she reiterated that this was completely wrong information and made her very upset.

“Mental illness is a very serious subject that is being spoken about all over the world. I cannot believe how lightly our media is taking it. These are the kinds of news that lead to artists committing suicide.”

She also said that her mother was confused and needed to be reassured that Meera is okay.

While there could be more to the story and we don’t know what exactly is happening with Meera, a little sensitivity while addressing matters regarding mental health should be taken into consideration.



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