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8 May

YouTuber Rahim Pardesi discredits all claims of Queen Froggy being punched by Ducky fans

Queen Froggy

Social media platforms are abuzz with controversy after Canadian-Pakistani YouTubers Sham Idrees and his wife Queen Froggy (Seher) claimed that they were attacked by a mob during a meet and greet session at Ocean Mall in Karachi. However, in a recent video, popular YouTube star Rahim Pardesi has proven that Sham and Froggy lied about the incident.

This all started when Pakistani YouTube star Ducky Bhai revealed Sham threatened him after he called Sham out for stealing other people’s ideas for creating content. Following this, Sham and Froggy — who are in Pakistan these days — were at a meet and greet session in Karachi when they were surrounded by Ducky fans one of whom — Sham and Froggy had claimed — punched Froggy in the face.

YouTuber Shahmeer Abbas — who was accompanying the duo — even shared a video of the incident:



And now, Rahim Pardesi — aka Nasreen — has discredited these claims by sharing a video of the person who supposedly punched Froggy. The boy’s name is Sam and he says he had no intention of hurting Froggy and had, in fact, just pulled Shahmeer’s collar and later even sent him an apology on Instagram. “In his video, Shahmeer has identified me as the person who punched Froggy. This is a false accusation as you can clearly see (in a video shot from another angle) that I just pulled Shahmeer’s collar and ran. Later, when I heard about Froggy’s incident, I messaged him (Shahmeer) on Instagram to apologize and even offered to meet him in person but he didn’t see my messages,” Sam said in the video message.

Rahim also said that Sham is going to extreme lengths ‘just to repair his badly damaged reputation’. Check out his video and let us know who you think is in the right:



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