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1 May

Zahid Ahmed opens up about horrific nose job ordeal

zahid ahmed

Zahid Ahmed has become one of the most prominent faces in the entertainment industry for playing challenging roles. However, one lapse in judgement caused him to become the object of media scrutiny. In a new video on his YouTube channel, Zahid opens up about his nose job gone wrong, calling it a mere act of stupidity.

It’s no surprise that Zahid has had a drastic physical transformation over the years. This seemed to have aged him backwards and people were appreciative of it, but it seemed that his insecurities didn’t end there. “Despite being blessed with so many miracles, I made an ungrateful mistake,” he admitted.

“I didn’t feel that my nose was the shape which I believed it should have been. I would often tell the director to move the camera in such a way that this side of my nose wasn’t visible,” he added. He also accepted that these things are simply in one’s own mind.



“These flaws shouldn’t even be called flaws because God has made everything perfect. Sometimes when people’s ego becomes too big for them, they begin to find issues within themselves that they can fix to become better than they are,” he said.

The Ishq Zahe Nsaeeb star talked about how during the time following his surgery, he suffered from immense pain. Talking about these complications, he said, “I don’t know if it was my carelessness post-surgery or that it was God’s way of disapproving my decision. Either way, if anyone of you are thinking of getting the procedure done, it’s your decision, however, I would urge you to re-think it a thousand times over before finalizing.”

The star used his platform to discuss this story in detail after his fans and close friends had directly asked him about the drastic change in his nose. He ended by saying that even though his nose has been altered forever, he is grateful to God for keeping his integrity intact by still sending work his way.


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