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29 Jun

Zahid Ahmed & Yumna Zaidi’s camaraderie in Ishq Zahe Naseeb is one to watch out for

Zahid Ahmed

Pakistani plays have a long history of associating marriages to the end of all problems. Be it a girl or a guy, if you want to give direction to a person’s life, get him/her hitched; that’s the norm. It seems this concept will continue in Ishq Zahe Naseeb as well. The second episode, which was aired on Friday, showed how every family thinks the solution to misery is marriage and that too forced ones!

Sonya Hussyn’s sister Bushra (played by Jinaan Hussain) is soon tying the knot with a guy who is least concerned about her well-being. Though it’s a love marriage, but Bushra’s fiance has chickened out and is no longer supporting her decisions. She has to earn so as to pay her family’s debts owed to her paternal aunt but her fiance doesn’t want her to continue the job.

The matters took a worse turn when Gohar (Sonya Hussyn) was seen with Kashif (Sami Khan) by her brother. We see that Gohar’s sister forbids Kashif to clarify the matter. She says ‘Ishq mein apne apne hissay ki saza khudi sehni perhti ha lakin wo ladki hai na islye ab sari umar tumharey hissay ke pathar bhi usy ko sehne perhenge [Everyone has to endure pain in love but Gohar is a girl so she has to suffer your share of pain as well]’. I guess medieval times were more advanced than this!


Zahid Ahmed


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Apparently, this will eventually lead to Sonya’s marriage to her paternal aunt’s son Jehangir (Khalid Malik). Though the promo of the next episode shows that Bushra will help Gohar to elope with Kashif, however, she may not take the plunge as she will be afraid of destroying Bushra’s marital prospects.

Moving on the dark and mysterious character Sameer, played by Zahid Ahmed. We really miss him on screen as his scenes are few and far between. We saw another glimpse from his childhood when his step-mom first came in his house. Interestingly, we get to know that she is well-aware of his secret (dissociative identity disorder that is) but instead of getting help, she prefers that he doesn’t meet people in the wee hours of the night. The drama jumps into flashbacks every time Zahid appears as he reminisces about his first love Zoya (Azekah Daniel). This time we saw him arguing with his mother that he wants to marry Zoya and perhaps this is what will cure him from his evils i.e his psychological ailment. The two got engaged and that’s when we see Sameer in coversation with his alter-ego Shakra (Yumna Zaidi) who earnestly tries to convince him to kill Zoya. And if not then she will!


Zahid Ahmed


The scenes between Zahid and Yumna have an eerie feeling. His mannerisms and persona completely change while conversing with her as he seems to be at ease; like that’s his true self. What makes it more mystical is that the two are never seen in the same frame while they are talking to each other, perhaps a hint that he is in fact talking to himself. That’s one aspect of Ishq Zahe Naseeb that sets it apart and has got us hooked till we get to see Sameera at least!

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