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7 Dec

2019: Recapping the year’s most impressive, inspirational female actors


With the year drawing to a close very soon, many of our favourite drama serials have wrapped up and the remaining few are receiving immense praise with every passing episode. However, by now we have realized which actresses will be shortlisted for delivering some of the best performances of the year. These artistes have not only impressed us with their sheer talent and hard work but have also paved way to ensure that they go a long way.

From a few rising stars to some reliable performers, 2019 has witnessed a variety of good dramas ruled by women. Here’s a list of the toppers (in no particular order whatsoever) who will be worthy award nominations in 2020.


Iqra Aziz




It is impossible to not start praise-worthy female performances without mentioning Iqra Aziz for playing Noori in Ranjha Ranjha Kardi. The development of Noori’s character — from being a garbage picker to an ambitious girl and then on to marrying a mentally challenged Bhola — was a tough one and Iqra did full justice to every bit of it. It was commendable to see Iqra in a role which was so difficult yet so engrossing at the same time.


Sajal Aly




Just when we thought Sajal Aly cannot surprise us anymore, we were shook! Hasn’t she shown us glimpses of all her talent in many dramas? Yes, yet we were cheerfully surprised when we saw her as the mischievous and hyperactive Chammi in Aangan. Sajal not only won our hearts with her child-like innocence, but her brief romantic tale with Ahad was also beautiful. Other than Aangan, the actress can currently be seen in Alif and Yeh Dil Mera and as expected she is acing both the characters. Surely some trophies are going home!


Ayeza Khan




This one has to start with a curtsy. Ayeza Khan not only deserves applause and appreciation but some awards as well for signing on to a role like Mehwish in Meray Paas Tum Ho. The actress, who is usually seen either as a damsel in distress in dramas or the manipulative kind, shattered all our pre-conceived notions by playing this character. Ayeza paid meticulous attention to detail by nailing each and every expression and dialogue, making us hate Mehwish for her ruthlessness. If that’s not extraordinary then what is?

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Yumna Zaidi



Yumna Zaidi’s performance in Inkaar as Hajra may have come as a surprise for many, but anyone who was following her body of work will know that the girl has lot of untapped potential. In today’s day and age she played a role with zero vanity (hardly any makeup) and convinced us that sometimes acting is beyond appearance. She played Hajra so efficiently that viewers were able to feel her pain and the emotional complexity of a stab victim. Yumna brought an unvarnished reality to the surface, with a character like Hajra who was bound by limitations, but refused to react passively. She played a sensitive role as Aymen in Mehreen Jabbar’s Dil Kya Kare and now, with an 180 degree shift, she can be seen as Shakira in Ishq Zahe Naseeb, a role that is best described as hauntingly beautiful.


Sana Javed




Sana Javed has done her fair share of damsel roles but none of those stood out like her character Sameera in Ruswai. In Ruswai she portrays a girl who despite being helpless does not succumb to her family’s pressure and stands her ground (at least for the most part). She is a gang rape survivor who is first betrayed by her father and then her fiance but she goes on to stand her ground. Ruswai is currently on air so we don’t exactly know how her character will progress but regardless, Sana has set the bar high with subtle acting and minimal makeup and many people are watching Ruswai just for her performance. We hope that other actors take inspiration and understand that sometimes less is more.


Sohai Ali Abro



Sohai Ali Abro brought to the forefront the plight of acid attack survivors and how society mistreats them; Surkh Chandni was a heart-wrenching story of an acid attack survivor who deals with a physical wound that leaves unimaginable scars on her emotional state. The actress portrayed her character (Aida) so subtly that it makes your heart sink in the lows of Ayeda’s journey and jump in joy at the highs as well.


Saba Qamar



There’s no denying Saba Qamar’s finesse as an actor and she proves, every now and then, that she can handle much more than comedy. Her role as Mannat in drama serial Cheekh was inspirational and strong, which needs to be commended and while the story did go awry, her acting did not. Saba handled both sensitive as well as strong moments with equal ease, proving that she’s a force to reckon with.

Keep watching this space to find out about best male performances of 2019.


Syeda Zehra

The author is Assistant Editor at Something Haute. A journalist by profession, the writer has a penchant for films, fashion and music.