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11 Nov

Style File: 4 chic designs from Tahra’s color block collection by Zainab Chottani

color blocking

Good news: you don’t have to pick one of your favourite colors this fall as the season is welcoming the two-tone trend with open arms. After taking a brief hiatus, color blocking trend is back and this time it has mutated into something more than just mixing and matching colors.

With Zainab Chottani’s latest Tahra collection, color blocking is about different contrasting hues on a single garment. Think bi-colored pants, shirts dipped half-and-half in hues that belong to opposite ends of the color wheel and two-paneled tops. The collection is all about classic monochromatic looks from lavender to violet, eye-catching oranges with red or black and white pairings.

This is an easy way to add a dose of instant cool to any fall outfit, and an even easier way to get dressed for those days when you can’t decide which color sweater to match with which dress. It is time to pair a variety of super-saturated hues to make one sharp look. Here are 4 casual yet chic designs that we love from Tahra’s color block assortment.


1. Wow factor



Orange, plum and fuchsia pink are all combined to create this daring look. Well… nobody said you would make a statement by playing it safe.


2. Jacket galore


color block


If you can’t commit to a full outfit, try floor length jackets with patches of vivid colors to get the same look. These look uber stylish when paired with a white or black monochrome look.

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3. Boho vibes



Channel Bohemian spirits with ruffled and flared sleeves in vivacious shades. A pattern of solid colors separated by bold stripes will make you stand out.


4. Boss lady



Fuse the dual-color trend with thin stripes or geometrical patterns to get the best of both worlds. We will also advise you to steer clear of keeping the same colour scheme from head to toe; this is one look where you need play by the rules.

Check out the full Tahra’s prêt collection on Zainab Chottani’s website to add trendy high street fashion in your wardrobe.


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