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2 Aug

4 Mann Mayal Peeves

By now we all know what it means when the proverb goes, “a car crash you can’t look away from.” There is nothing in Mann Mayal’s story line that impresses, excites or God forbid, entertains. The story is looping, episode after episode, with Mannu crying and pining after one thing or the other, Sallu moping and Jeena plotting. There are no twists or turns that edge the story ahead. There are so many annoying things but now, as we watch the play in its 28th episode, these are our pet peeves…


  1. Mannu and Sallu are from extremely conservative backgrounds. Then how and why is it acceptable for Mannu (in her iddat period) to share space with a na-mehram man? HOW? But if you look at it, everyone sleeps around: Jameel in Jeena’s house, Mannu in Salahuddin’s house, Jeena in Salahuddin’s house and finally, Salahuddin in Jeena’s house. And yet Mannu can’t go home!


  1. How dumb is Salahuddin and since we’ll answer that ourselves with ‘very’ our peeve is that he keeps falling for Jeena’s schemes. Why in heaven’s name would he agree to spend the night in her house instead of offering to take her to his own, where his mother is? Again, he’s conservative on one hand and a loose canon on the other. And do you guys know anyone who leaves their phone lying around, especially when there’s a history of mistrust? We’ll answer that too: Salahuddin.


  1. Who washed Tanya’s potty? Are we to believe that Mikail, who didn’t even mourn his own parents’ death, is such a changed man that he has agreed to take care of his kids, feeder and potty and all, without as much as a maid’s help. And that too overnight. It’s preposterous.


  1. Have Mannu’s parents died as well because last thing we remember is Jameel booking 7 tickets so that everyone can fly out to visit Mannu’s recovering father (and secretly propose as well). But there’s not as much as a whisper from them. They obviously don’t give a damn about Mannu. There, we’ve given her something else to cry about.


Aamna Haider Isani

The author is Editor-in-Chief at Something Haute as well as Editor at Instep, The News. Full time writer, critic with a love for words and an intolerance for typos.