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21 Jun

6 possible endings to Mann Mayal

There is Mannu, continuously whining over her broken heart, fragile ego and now divorce (for her a fate worse than death) and then there is Jeena, who has no self respect and throws her orphan status into every five minutes of her screen time, begging Salahuddin to marry her. And these two women have effectively done the maan behan of emancipated women. They deserve an award for portraying the two most regressive characters on modern-day television. How Hasina Moin would cringe if she were ever to watch this! I’m sure she knows better but unfortunately we don’t and are fixated to this train wreck of a drama.

Mann Mayal is approaching its end. 22 episodes down, there may be two episodes to go before this tragic tale draws to its conclusion. Before it does – and we don’t know what delightful treats the director has in store for us (note: sarcasm) – we thought we’d sketch up a few endings of our own.

1. Mannu finally swallows her pride, gives her dented ego a rest and agrees to marry Salahuddin, who finally musters up the courage to propose. This would be the quintessential happy ending to this saga. What about Jeena? Her future is as inconsequential as Mikail’s.

2. The honorable Salahuddin is unable to break the commitment he has made to Jeena and marries her. Mannu’s father passes away and she returns to her parent’s home with her children while Salahuddin is subjected to a lifetime of torture living with someone as psychotic as Jeena. She becomes to him what Mikail was to Mannu. Retribution.

3. Salahuddin marries both Mannu and Jeena and they live happily ever after. When we say ‘they’ we mean Mannu and Jeena. Can you imagine what Salahuddin must go through swinging between the devil and the deep blue sea?

4. Salahuddin marries Mannu and Jeena marries Mikail; they both run the casino together.

5. Salahuddin dies and, in his will, leaves his wealth to Mannu and Jameel. A financially independent Mannu sets herself up and spends the rest of her life pining after Salahuddin while Jeena marries Jameel because he’s rich and powerful now.

6. Mannu dies and Salahuddin promises her (on her death bed) that he’ll marry Jeena and adopt her two children. This is Mannu’s vengeance and curse.

I can’t think of another scenario. Can you?


Aamna Haider Isani

The author is Editor-in-Chief at Something Haute as well as Editor at Instep, The News. Full time writer, critic with a love for words and an intolerance for typos.