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27 Feb

Adnan Sami Khan’s pro Modi tweet annoys Pakistanis

Adnan Sami

In response to the current cross-border tension between India and Pakistan, celebrities from both the neighbouring countries have tweeted their responses. While Bollywood stars have been lauding the cowardly airstrike, Pakistanis have stayed calm and acted maturely by propagating peace. However, musician Adnan Sami Khan’s reaction was a bolt from the blue.

Former Pakistani citizen took to Twitter and added fuel to the fire by lauding the Indian Air Force and wishing luck to Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

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This tweet stimulated uproar on social media and the singer was trolled for his remarks.





A Twitter user also pointed out Adnan’s lineage. His father, Arshad Sami Khan, was a Pakistani diplomat, bureaucrat and soldier, who started his career as a Pakistan Air Force fighter pilot.



Unfortunately, Adnan hasn’t paid heed to any social media commentary. He replied to the trolls in another tweet which has left matters in bad taste.


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