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11 Oct

Any quintessential Pakistani film will have half the ingredients of a Bollywood film: Ahmed Ali Akbar

Ahmed Ali Akbar

Ahmed Ali Akbar is ruling the entertainment circuit these days with his film, Laal Kabootar, which is winning hearts (and trophies) at international film festivals. The actor has also won an accolade for his outstanding performance in the film at the DC South Asian Film Festival.

In a recent interview with Voice of America, Ahmed Ali Akbar spoke about the fervour surrounding his film and why would global audience will relate to it. He also responded to Indian influences in Pakistani films and opened up about the recent conflict between the two nations.

Laal Kabootar is an sight into the city life of Karachi. It’s a gritty and realistic take on the city and people will find it engaging,” he said adding, “we have been watching Bollywood content for the last four decades, we sing their songs therefore we are bound to get inspired from them. Their industry is much more developed, powerful and has an international reach; any quintessential Pakistani film will have half the ingredients that a Bollywood film has.”


Ahmed Ali Akbar


Upon asked why actors on both sides of the borders are expected to give their opinion when any issue emerges, Ahmed replied that every discussion has been politicized these days.

“We (actors/artists) feel an obligation to be opinionated on every matter and hence actors comment; some might feel that this show of patriotism will increase their social media following. I think they should be responsible when they post about any issue as people look up to them and can easily be influenced,” Ahmed said.

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“I am quite inactive on social media for the same reasons. I want peace of mind and social media is a place where people tend to make comparisons leaving one depressed,” he added.

Having worked in dramas as well, Ahmed shared that Pakistani dramas are evolving but it is good and bad at the same time. “With new people entering the field, we have more fresh concepts but owing to more work and competition, the quality is being compromised.”

The division of A, B and C grade dramas makes him “sad”, however, a lot is changing in the industry and the actor is hopeful.


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