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3 Jul

Asim Azhar’s fun song ft. TikTok star Areeqa Haq, Shamoon Ismail & other artists is out

Asim Azhar

Asim Azhar finally released his much-anticipated song Tum Tum featuring a power-pack collaboration of various artists including Shamoon Ismail, Raamis as well as Talha Anjum and Talhah Yunus of Young Stunners fame. But that’s not all the song’s main attraction is TikTok star Areeqa Haq.

Tum Tum is a fun and light-hearted commentary on girlfriend problems in the 21st century, or more specifically about overbearing girls who hits you up for money and expensive gifts. The opening of the song gives us a hint with the saying “If you choose money over love, you will always be poor.” That’s not all, Hania Aamir gives us a disclaimer about what to expect as she says, ‘Jab ek baar insaan pyaar mein parh jaen naa tou ghalat bhi sahi lagne lagta ha… aur sahi tou kuch rehta hi nahi ha boss [When a man falls in love, everything wrong appears right and the concept of right cease to exist]’.


Areeqa Haq


What ensues is five guys singing stories of their encounters with girls who act like gold-diggers as the lyrics goes ‘tere kharchay hazaroun, kiun itne nakhray palun…‘ and dishing out brand names like Gucci and Louis (Vuitton) with hints of a girl’s narcissistic behavior. The song also comments on the superficial lives of teenagers today where their days starts and ends with TikTok and Twitter trends.

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Asim Azhar


The video has special appearances by Hania Aamir, Asad Siddiqui, Mooroo. The song opens up with a girl getting out of a car and concludes with Hania doing the same, followed by a sudden interest of every guy and then the camera tilt towards a neon sigh that says ‘life goes on’. Well… that tells something about men but here this might be a hint about the continuation of the track as it leave us with ‘to be continued’.


Asim Azhar


And while it is all fun and games, we hope that Asim or any other young artist makes a song that confronts the ‘male gaze’ as well. You can watch the video here:




Syeda Zehra

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