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15 May

Atif Aslam recites a soulful rendition of ‘Asma-ul-Husna’ for Coke Studio special

Atif Aslam

In line with the spirit of Ramazan and owing to the testing times we are living in due to a global pandemic, Coke Studio joined forces with Atif Aslam and released a special rendition of Asma-ul- Husna — the 99 names of Allah — as a humble expression of hope and healing in these difficult times.

The three-and-a-half-minute recital features the 99 attributes of the Allah Almighty which have been a part of our cultural memory due to a beautiful rendition which used to air on PTV. However, Coke Studio has reintroduced the supplication to the younger generation or the millennials as we call them, manifesting a multilayered soundscape. The recitation also includes vocal Acapella, recorded at home and at project studios across Pakistan, by 24 artistes.


Atif Aslam


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Produced by Zulfiqar Jabbar Khan aka Xulfi and directed by Asim Raza, the video features a solid backdrop where the names appear as shimmers of gold while Atif’s voice reverberates. It also features a unique arrangement of duffs that echoes in background.

Earlier, Atif has performed two masterpieces Tajdaar-e-Haram and Wohi Khuda Hai for Coke Studio which were equally soul-stirring and passionate expressions of devotion. The release of this special is very time appropriate as the world faces a grave health crisis and humankind needs spiritual healing as well as reassurance of better times ahead.

You can watch the recitation here:




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