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10 Oct

Atif Aslam will open Coke Studio 12 with ‘Wohi Khuda Hai’

Atif Aslam

The much-anticipated new season of Coke Studio is all set to premiere from 11th October. With Rohail Hayat at the helm of the project this time, expectations and nostalgia are at an all-time high. Season 12 will begin with praises to the Almighty with Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan’s hamd –Wohi Khuda Hai — sung by none other than Atif Aslam.

Penned by Muzaffar Warsi, the lyrics of Wohi Khuda Hai are meant to praise God as the one creator of the universe and beyond, the architect of a system that runs and maintains the order in balance and harmony. The musical piece is perfect to mark a new beginning as it describes the various experiences of human connection with the Divine. Etched into Pakistan’s cultural memory, Wohi Khuda Hai is an exploration of wonder and awe at the capacity and ability of God and a means to reflect on His beautiful creation.



All of us must have heard the iconic original in Ustad Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan’s vocals, which is still the nation’s favorite composition. However, Atif Aslam will be singing a new rendition, while exploring the essence of its poetry which has a universal appeal. Atif has earlier lend his voice to Sabri Brothers’ Tajdar-e-Haram in season 8 and it was much loved and appreciated by the audiences.

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According to an official press statement, while reflecting on his life’s journey, Atif said, “I still don’t think I have made it. When I started, for the first few years, I used to think, with fame and money, I’d made it. But after that I asked myself, ‘What have you made? This is all material that you have.’ After that, the real search started. That is when the fun started. Even today, I am caught in that search. I will keep at it, always.”

He also dedicated the performance to his five and half year old son, “He would listen to this when he grows up and I hope he will be happy to see his father recite a hamd. I hope he interprets and understands what I said, and then finds his own journey and Allah Talah,” he said in the BTS video.



With Wohi Khuda Hai, Atif will be experimenting with his hidden talents and showcasing his versatility once again with another genre of music. From the new studio set-up to the artists in the line-up and the promo sound, Coke Studio season 12 is evoking a sense of nostalgia, reminding us about the earlier seasons of the show. Let’s wait till tomorrow to find out what this season has in store.

Watch BTS of Atif’s performance here:


  • Photography by Kohi Marri


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