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16 May

Atif Aslam’s powerful Asma-ul-Husna video isn’t original after all

Atif Aslam's

Atif Aslam’s latest collaboration with Coke studio, a rendition of Asma-ul-Husna, has been the talk of the town ever since it was released. Atif’s powerful voice, as always, mesmerised everyone immediately as was expected but not just that, the video also felt like a treat to watch with it’s mystical vibe.

However, fashion blogger, Aamir Ali Shah (@Aamiriat), has brought to light a rather disappointing discovery. Atif’s video seems to be a complete ripoff of a music video for British singer, Sami Yusuf’s song Came to me.

Here, check it out:


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Sami Yusuf’s song is a decade old and has hints of Arabic in the sound as well as the visuals. Both videos seem to be set in a dark and sombre background with special effects used in displaying Arabic text — Allah’s 99 names in Atif’s case — which then disappears into the background.

Here is Sami’s video:




And here’s Atif’s:



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