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26 Apr

Avengers Endgame likely to have highest box office opening in history

Avengers Endgame

No matter where you are in the world, fans of Marvel heroes have been highly anticipating the last film in the saga of Avengers: Avengers Endgame. It is now being reported that the film is likely to shatter all previous box office records around the world.

Marking the end of the Avengers film series, international box office analysts are predicting that the sequel to last year’s Avengers: Infinity War is likely to make history at the domestic and global box office, CNN reported.

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Currently, Avengers: Infinity War holds the record with a business of $640 million globally. Analysts believe that the film could make more than $800 million worldwide over the first weekend, given its anticipations and popularity amongst different demographics. Although Disney has refused to give an exact number, it is of the belief that Endgame is expected to be the biggest debuts of all time.

An international analyst has called it “a milestone in pop culture and entertainment that appeals to all demographics on some level” and “an event for everyone”.

Earlier, rumours were rife that the film will not release in Pakistan. However, the film is releasing nationwide today to houseful shows. Endgame released on April 24 in China and will release in international markets on April 26. It has received rave reviews already from both critics and fans of the Marvel heroes but we are still awaiting figures of its box office earnings.


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