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18 Aug

Haute Patrol: are we loving or hating Ayesha Gulalai’s fashion statement?

ayesha gulalai

Darling, nothing turns heads better than some kick-ass head gear. Case in point: Ayesha Gulalai’s latest fashion statement.

First, some perspective. Earlier this month, Ayesha Gulalai’s claim against PTI chairman Imran Khan sparked immense interest. While half the nation hated on her, the other half stood up to show support. We’ll refrain from taking sides just as yet.

We’d rather comment on yesterday’s drama, when Gulalai walked into the National Assembly making a fashion statement- probably the last thing any of us were expecting from the MNA! Gulalai wore a turban, to affirm her stance against Imran Khan and that she would not back down. Speaking to the media, the MNA referred to Razia Sultana, claiming that the warrior is her role model when it comes to fighting men for her rights. Holy Mother of Dragons is what we thought to ourselves!!!


ayesha gulalai

The MNA addresses the media


Razia Sultan was famously the only female ever to rule the Delhi Sultanate, and often wore a turban as a symbol of her authority. Similarly, female leaders like Rani of Jhansi and Kösem Sultan have also been identified via their headgear, similar to that of a turban. No doubt being a female authority figure is no easy feat and women often have to show that they are as strong as any man might be.

However, does Ayesha Gulalai’s claim gain the same comparison as the incomparable rulers? Or was it just a fashion statement to turn heads? What will be next, a sword or a fake beard? Androgyny is in but are we ready to take it to this level?

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