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2 Jul

Back to life, back to reality!

I was almost afraid of logging onto my blog since I’ve been away for so long. One month in China – and although I had VPN and could access my blog – I was too tied up in other, more exciting things to bother. Apologies to those who were looking out for updates from China.

The cage of death for motorcycling stunts-men with a passion for danger.

There isn’t enough I can say in favour of China, it was so impressive. And while I was apprehensive about how I’d find it, I have come back looking forward to my next trip. As long as my brother and his family are there I have the golden opportunity! This trip took me to Guangzhou, Beijing, Hong Kong and Shenzhen and I am desperate to go back for Shanghai, Chengdu, and other regions that I read about but cannot remember how to spell.

Here’s a bit about our trip to Guangzhou…

Since there was ten of us, we hired a van to take us on the two hour road trip from Shenzhen to Guangzhou which is the provincial capital of Guangdong, one of China’s industrial centres.

A view of the fabulous Chimelong Resort (from our balcony) in Guangzhou. The hotel is huge and is attached to a circus and safari, which are two of the biggest attractions for kids, Naturally, we got pulled in.

The Chimelong International Circus employs performers and animals from all over the world and is a reflection of the wonderful world of China.

The walk from the hotel to the circus is often a rainy one but that just adds to the adventure!

The circus boasted an array of animals: tigers, lions, bears, hippos, pigs, ducks, monkeys. bears, toucans, ducks and more that I don’t even remember. The kids joked that it seemed animals from the neighboring safari park moonlighted as circus performers at night. Other than the bears, they all looked happy.

Tower of elephants!

The circus was amazing and it opened the eyes to how magnificent the Chinese were. There was one gobsmacking act after another and I personally, highly recommend the circus to anyone visiting Guangzhou. I’ll keep posting bits and pieces of my China trip so that those of you not on my facebook page can see it through my eyes.

But now that I’m back in Karachi I am equally excited about the approaching Lux Style Awards that are scheduled to take place next week. I haven’t spoken to anyone officially but am picking up bits and pieces from here and there: apparently Ali Zafar will be there, the BNN boys will be back and some classic Pakistani songs will be brought back to life. I’m hearing that Nabila is responsible for styling the event but I haven’t spoken to her either so this is all here say.

You’ll have to keep checking this space for updates and of course, I will be reporting back from the rehearsals whenever they happen.




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