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17 May

Call me instead of instigating social media war: Yasir Hussain’s message to ‘so-called’ friends

Yasir Hussain

The recent fiasco surrounding Yasir Hussain’s insensitive comments on Hania Aamir’s post about her painful struggle with acne has landed him in hot waters. The actor has been facing harsh criticism and excessive social media trolling since his remarks went viral.

Though Hania and Yasir are good friends, the actress didn’t feel it was in good taste to make an inappropriate joke about her skin condition. Later Hania addressed this in a detailed post saying making fun of someone’s insecurity is the worst thing one can do. “We brush off insecurities and people pointing them out like it’s no big deal but knowing it’s someone’s insecurity and still making fun of it is the worst thing you can do! It is wrong on so many levels,” she wrote on Instagram.

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Although Hania garnered a lot of support from fellow celebrities and public alike, many fans made sure to share their annoyance with Yasir. As merciless as social media trolls can be, they have shamed Yasir by calling him names.


Yasir Hussain


Yasir hasn’t paid heed to most of the negative comments and he took to Instagram on Thursday to ask his ‘so-called’ friends that they should reach out to him and scold him if his jokes ever offend them. “I will apologize and remove the post instantly, but please don’t start a social media war like attention seekers. Thank you so-called friends,” he posted on his Instagram story.


Yasir Hussain


Later, he also posted this on his Instagram story.


Another friend of Yasir, Gohar Rasheed also tweeted that social media trolling doesn’t let friends genuinely interact.



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