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27 Dec

Here’s to Dabangg 2

Dabangg 2 - Front

Dabangg 2 has brought me back to blogging, not that I had given up. I merely had to take a break because the amount of work I had committed to finish before my winter break left me with no spare time at all. But here I am, all deadlines done (well, almost), back from snowy Murree (nothing short of paradise), wintry Islamabad and now in foggy Lahore. One day, a family reunion and a fantastic cricket match later, I ended up in the DHA cinema for Dabangg 2. And it just took my day up several more notches!

It’s tough not to fall for the Dabangg Chulbul Pandey – Salman Khan, his goodness, his corniness and his pure invincibility. This formula, of a real life super-hero, goes down so well that it’s impossible not to laugh, worry, enjoy, sing and swing when and whenever the plot expects you to. You chuckle, you whistle, you hoot and you live every moment of Pandey’s life with him. It truly is a joy to let go of all semblances of fact and live up a life of uninhibited fiction. Dabangg 2 allows you the age old fantasy of good reigning over evil, in pure black and white terms.

The biggest disappointment, however, was the DHA cinema. We, in Karachi, have been spoilt by the luxury of the Atrium multiplex and this small screen cinema does not appeal. It has all the weaknesses of a mediocre experience: you can’t book online or on the phone, you have to take a trip to the cinema to purchase tickets, you have to wait outside the cinema (in the blistering cold) until the audience from the previous film exits the building and the steps that take you up are highly inconvenient for the elderly (my dad, a Dabangg fan did not accompany us because his knees cannot manage those high-riser steps). The snack counter could offer better variety. The toilets could be cleaner. And the movie could be preceded by trailers instead of chai kay ishtehar. Don’t we get enough of those on the telly?

It took a great film like Dabangg to overcome these short-falls. I think I’ll wait to get back to Karachi and the Atrium before I venture out for another cine-experience.

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