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11 Oct

So who’s showing at the PFDC Sunsilk Fashion Week?

Karachi Fashion Week is behind us and was certainly better than expected. Over now to PFDC Sunsilk Fashion Week, the next council-endorsed (and therefore credible) fashion week to be held.

There are some exciting new names as well as the tried and tested. There is also an absence of many regulars, who have preferred to hold out for PFDC’s bridal week scheduled to take place in Lahore next month. Here’s the first teaser to Pakistan’s most established platform for pret a porter…

Adnan Pardesy SS 2011

 1. Adnan Pardesy (Karachi): Pardesy’s denim collection at the last PFDC Sunsilk wowed critics and cleared a shining path to Paris. His work is highly anticipated.

2. Akif (Lahore): The young and enterprising PIFD graduate launched from this platform one year ago, today he is stocking in both cities.

3. Ammar Belal (Lahore): His previous collections paid tribute to Michael Jackson, New York and then Africa. Wonder where now?

4. Ayesha Hashwani (Karachi): High society’s poster child for fashion, Ayesha Hashwani will bring a touch of Sana Safinaz to the PFDC platform.

FnkAsia by Huma Adnan

5. FnkAsia (Karachi): Listed as one of the top ten collections of PFDC Fashion Week (March) by Alexandra Senes, let’s see whether Huma Adnan can uphold the ranking.

6. Batur (PIFD Lahore graduate): Another Mohsin in the making?

7. Hammad (Lahore): A PIFD graduate from Mohsin and Akif’s batch, Hammad preferred to hold off the limelight until he got his production in order.

8. HSY (lahore): Since Sheru will also be showing at PFDC’s bridal week, he is expected to show pure, clean cut ready to wear now. It will be a show worth waiting for.

Khaadi by Shamoon Sultan

 9. Khaadi (Karachi): Paris returned and ever popular, will Khaadi continue the Missoni-esque prints or will they offer something completely different?

10. Irfan (PIFD Lahore graduate): The second PIFD graduate being given a lifetime opportunity on this stage this season.

11. Mohsin (Lahore): Now stocking in Karachi at The Designer, let’s see if Mohsin has managed to bring cohesion to his creative brilliance.

12. Muse (Lahore): Chic and Parisian, one knows what to expect from the clean cut brand.

13. Maria B (Lahore): Rumour has it that Maria B will be replacing Nickie Nina as the opening act. Let’s hope this parachute opens for flight and not failure.

Maria B showed at PFDC Sunsilk Fashion Week last year.

14. Nida Azwer (Karachi): Nida’s last showing at PFDC’s fashion week wasn’t too wow. Let’s see how this phoenix (her logo) rises this time!

Nickie Nina

15. Nickie Nina (Lahore): Will their nationwide fabric tour culminate in a fashion week collection?

16. PIFD student show (Lahore): Exactly what it is: a student showing 🙂

17. Republic (Lahore): Menswear has never been this dapper while being wearable, affordable and available!

18. Sania Maskatiya (Karachi): Maskatiya will make a fashion week debut and judging by what she designs, it should go down well.

19. Kamiar Rokni (Lahore): Kami is expected to take a 180 degree roundabout from Folkistan. It’ll be one of the most well-attended shows.

Republic by Omar Farooq

20. Yahsir Waheed (Lahore): Surely one of the most respected names on this list, Yahsir is responsible for training these fabulous new graduates that we love to love.

21. Zaheer Abbas (Karachi): Two detailed chiffon collections have made a name for Zaheer but it would be nice to see something wearable now.

22. Zainab Sajid (Karachi): a name synonymous with bridals, it will be interesting to see what this designer has to offer in ready to wear. Or will she uphold the Sarah Salman/Asifa Nabeel tradition.

23. Zonia (PIFD Lahore graduate): The third and last PIFD graduate to be launched by PFDC this year.

That’s all. That’s 23 designers in four days, six a day with a grand finale being a charity show raising funds for the Red Cross. You may not have been slow to notice but the following designers are not showing and are either holding out for bridal week or sitting out the year altogether: Karma, Sublime. Ali Xeeshan, Teejays, Asifa Nabeel, Sadaf Malaterre, Sahar Atif of Saai…am I missing anyone?

ps. This is an informally released list and is subject to change as per council regulations and last minute changes. I cannot reveal my sources but they have confirmed that this is pretty much it.


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