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27 Apr

22.4.2012: Kickstart!

Target 100 pounds!

I am overwhelmed by the amount of interest and the number of readers who have written to support my diet marathon or those who have pledged allegiance in needing to lose weight too. I want you to know that I do plan to document my weekly weight loss (or gain, or plateau) every Sunday morning. I know 100 pounds is a huge target but I have broken it down mentally and am looking at 2 pounds a week which amount to around 100 in a year. And I want you all to know that:

1. There are no shortcuts/medicines I am taking

2. I am not going to a nutritionist though I am in consults with my GP

3. I am not exercising (yet) though I do aim to go for a walk at least thrice a week, even if its a walk through a mall. 

4. So far I am just rationing/watching what I eat with a conscious deletion of chocolates, chips, confectionary, fried stuff, rice, bread (only one slice brown a day), pasta, fizzy drinks, sugary beverages etc from my diet. That said, I did have a packet of chips yesterday 🙁

So see you all Sunday and do write in with your achievements so far. Remember, nothing is impossible. It’s important to stay happy and substitute the deprivation of food with something you can enjoy just as much: in my case that would be fashion, retail therapy, high maintenance and over-indulgence of indulgence and an upcoming summer vacation! Btw my doctor has allowed me sugar in my tea so that I can enjoy at least one thing that I used to!

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