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24 Feb

Ehd-e-Wafa: Is Shahzain a victim or a brilliant schemer?


Ehd-e-Wafa is a drama based on the stories of a group of four friends played by Osama Khalid, Ahad Raza Mir, Wahaj Ali and Ahmed Ali Akbar, who each go their own way after leaving school. The show follows four different stories unfold with each friend, while them crossing paths again after a few years.

The drama highlights each friend excelling in four different professions. Ahad Raza Mir’s Saad is an army officer, Wahaj Ali as Shariq Habeeb, an investigative journalist, Ahmed Ali Akbar’s Shehryar as an assistant commissioner and Osama Khalid Butt as Shahzain, as a generational landowner who has transferred into local politics.



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This week’s episode begins with Saad who’s stationed at the line of control and getting the news that he is about to become a father. We see Shahzain arguing with his father-in-law and brother-in-law over the fact that he wants to back out of his previous agreement of allowing his brother-in-law to compete in the latest elections after he completed his tenure. As the discussion gets heated Shahzain slaps his brother-in-law.




The scene cuts to a hysterical Rani (Shahzain’s wife played by Zara Noor Abbas) informing Shariq and his partner Ramsha (Hajra Yamin) over call that Shahzain has been shot and is in critical condition. Later, Shehryar and Shariq discuss the possible culprits of this entire ordeal and agree that it’s most likely that Shahzain’s brother-in-law is responsible and the fact that they weren’t present at the hospital is an indication of the same.

As Shahzain regains consciousness, he asks to see his friends. Upon enquiry about the culprits, Shahzain tries to lie about not seeing their faces, however upon persistence admits that it was his brother-in-law, Waqar. He then conveys that he has no intention of pressing charges since that would hurt his wife and make him look weak in the upcoming elections. As Rani hears this discussion, she makes a statement to the police and gets her brother arrested.

The episode ends with Shahzain’s father-in-law visiting him in the hospital and offering him a deal that even though his son didn’t do this, he is willing to make him opt out of the upcoming elections so Shahzain can run unopposed if he takes back the charges. Shahzain agrees to the deal and promises that Waqar would return home soon but only if Shehryar agreed to cancel the FIR.



After all of this, are we supposed to believe that Shahzain is a victim in this entire ordeal?

Over the course of the show, we have seen that Shahzain often take things personally on his fragile ego. He can never seem to handle when things don’t go the way he wants. His re-election seems to be nothing different. We could’ve easily been convinced of his victimhood had he not jumped to his father-in-law’s offer towards the end. If he really had been shot by Waqar, how can him dropping out of the election make up for Shahzain almost losing his life? Also, his smugness was palpable in the last episode. He clearly knew he was in the position of power now, and that could not have been a coincidence.

Hence, does this imply that Shahzain did the attack on himself considering how all of his organs were conveniently saved and he was able to drive himself to the hospital? If true, it’s quite creditworthy how Shahzain was able to pull all of this off. We even see in the next episode’s promo that Shahzain admits to winning the said election by fraud. This could only imply that Shahzain has orchestrated this entire situation.

What are you thoughts? In case you have missed it, watch the episode here:




Eman Lakhany