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13 Jan

Engro Excellence Awards in picture

I don’t know whether this is Atif’s new look for ‘Bol’ OR is he inspired by the Taliban OR whether he is actually following in JJ’s footsteps, God forbid. All jokes apart he looked quite good in this new avatar and let’s just hope the beard and ‘zulfain‘ are a fashion and not religious statement. He does, after all, get commissioned in a melodious albeit religious Engro ad every Ramazan.

Ayesha Omar may not have sounded or looked as smooth as Atif but she put up a decent performance with Faiz Ahmad Faiz’s ‘Bol ke lab azaad hain teray’. We are used to Tina Sani’s perfect rendition of this anthem but Ayesha managed to lend it her unique raspy tone. That said, as Ayesha also has her own fashion label, shared with DJ Anoushey, one would have liked to see her wearing something of her own instead of the generic white Asifa & Nabeel outfit she chose. Pretty but ho hum.

Frieha Altaf and Shahi Hasan: The show-makers braving the fierce chill (laugh away Lahore, this was bad enough for a coastal city!) Frieha dressed down in casuals while Shahi’s bright blue jacket made more than a fashion statement.


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