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4 Aug

An ensemble of high fashion

I was almost not going but I’m delighted that I did because not only would I have missed the fabulous new collections at Ensemble but I would also have missed the biggest confessional by Mohsin Sayeed. More on that later. I have to do justice to the fashion first although I’m sure you’re all itching to hear how he stole 40 lakhs from his brother, failed in slow poisoning him (remember when Umar was in the hospital), stole patterns from the Psycho line (couldn’t resist the dig) and more. All that later, in the next post.

Nadia Hussain looking gorgeously in shape and merely ten pounds away from her pre-baby weight. She’ll be back on the catwalk next month! Inspired or jealous?

The fashion was spell-binding. Because there was a bit for everyone: the traditionalist, the surrealist, the formal and the sophisticated.

Thank god for little girls, and designers who make them look pretty 🙂 Nomi Ansari’s Bubbles are the cutest.

I walked in at 8:00, very early and hoping to avoid the social scene completely. But I was welcomed not by a familiar face but by an adorable little girl who ran over to meet me. She didn’t know me, but she stole my heart, especially when I saw the most sparkliest little ensemble her parents had bought her for Eid. Nomi Ansari’s latest line, Bubbles, for little girls aged 4 to 10 was a mini me version of his grown-up designs. Put together with the same love for colour and details, it was picture perfect and had me wishing for a daughter.

A love for texture and traditional innovation has become Shamaeel’s trademark and this collection is not to be missed.

The second designer who caught my eye today was Shamaeel and her collection aiming for Eid and the festive season after. A little bit of festivity, blend in with a heavy dose of style and given the trademark Shamaeel signature. Spot on. The hemlines varied from the skimming to the short, again urging women to think not blindly follow trends.

Looking at their size zero frames you’d think they didn’t eat but then you’d be so wrong! Nomi and Iman caught in the act.

Body Focus stepped into Ensemble today and Iman’s collection, in one word, was breath-taking! The white cheesecloth was designed for a woman confident to be shrouded in nothing but pure style; Iman herself was the best model for her designs. She designs for herself and though she insisted there was no narcissism in the process, I believe every creative genius has to be narcissistic to some extent to be effective. And this collection was supremely effective, from the pure whites, the black and white silk prints and the coloured range for more conventional shoppers. All irresistible!

Body Focus signature styles, seen last on the FPW runway!

Nida Azwer and Umair Tabani, both of whom also stock at Ensemble.

I don’t know why I don’t have an image of Maheen’s new line but I have to insist you check it out at Ensemble if you’re interested in delicate and sophisticated chiffons, double layered tunics (solid over floral prints), the most fine mokash work and more. Ideal for women looking for restrained elegance.

The Pink Tree label, masterminded by Mohsin Sayeed

And last but not least, the simple cotton range from The Pink Tree was traditional at its contemporary best. And I’ll leave you with that thought because it led me to an amazing conversation with none other than Mohsin himself…

Coming up in the next post…

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