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22 Oct

Fahad Hussayn sells out at Ogaan!

I always knew this boy was talented and how!

Fahad Hussayn, Adnan Pardesy and Rizwan Beyg are currently in Delhi, holding a two-day exhibition at multi retail store Ogaan run by Shagun Khanna who came for the PFDC Sunsilk Fashion Week this February. It’s interesting how these three designers – none of whom showed in Lahore – made it to India. Anyway, fashion moves in mysterious ways and one is just happy that it is moving at all.

I got in touch with my journo-friend Shilpa Raina, who writes for the wire service in Delhi, and had also visited the exhibition in Delhi. She was swept off her feet by Fahad’s clothes and thought Rizwan was extremely articulate and intelligent. We certainly need more of this being exported!

1. For general readers, Shilpa, what is Ogaan?

A. Ogaan is a retail-chain store that houses affordable designer wear from designers like Kiran Uttam Gosh, Jaya Rathore, Ekru among others.

2. Who seemed to be doing well when you visited Ogaan yesterday?

A. What I personally felt was that Fahad was doing really very well because his line was very contemporary, chic and his drapes were amazing – something that could flatter all shapes and with also saris by these designers were a great hit.

3. What kind of clothes had Fahad, Adnan and Rizwan bought?

A. I could see only a few pieces of Fahad’s line – his dresses both in plain and prints were accssorised by coins – looked brilliant and Rizwan had bought colourful line of long dressed that were paired with palazzos…my only question to him was that Indian women don’t wear such dresses. He replied we need to change our attitude, but then again, I don’t know how many women will opt for that. Adnan had a mix of jackets and some salwaar suits….I didn’t see much of his line.

4. How are they different from what designers usually make in India?

A. First, the length – we don’t wear long kurtas. I don’t know how many will.
Second, their line was very much Indian but one could seethe difference in work, umbrella and asymmetrical cuts in long kurtas dominated Adnan and Rizwan’s range – that was very interesting.
Third, Rizwan had brought excellent colour combinations like bright yellow, red- something Indian’s are in love with and lastly, Fahad’s line was very youthful and different.

5. Do you think there is a market for such designs, as they aren’t your usual brand of commercial blingwear?

A. There is definitely a market for these designers because their cuts, silhouettes are different. Fahad will sell like hot cakes but for Rizwan, I feel, Indian women still need to come out from their cocoon to wear long kurtas. Again the saris were amazing and they will sell. The pricing too is nominal – staring from Rs. Five thousand- so one can afford.




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