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10 Jan

Faisal Rehman is over-romantic during shoots, says Hina Altaf

Hina Altaf

An old interview of Hina Altaf has gone viral on social media soon after it was uploaded on Nashpati Prime’s official YouTube channel two days ago. The video is from a gossip show titled To Be Honest, hosted by Tabesh Hashmi where Hina was talking about her experience of working with several male actors.

At one instance the host asked Hina how would she feel if she had to do a romantic scene with Fawad Khan. While she named Emmad Irfani as someone with whom she got “carried away”, the actor also shared that it’s tough to shoot romantic scenes with Faisal Rehman.

“It’s difficult to enact a romantic scene with Faisal Rehman because he gets over-romantic. Yahan ungli pakarhni hogy, woh banda hath pakarh le gha [if a scene requires just holding a finger, he tends to grab the whole arm). I have to keep my guard on always. I even scared him once by saying ‘Me Too’, after this he kept his distance,” the actor laughingly said.

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The host also cracked a joke hinting the awkward age gap between Hina and Faisal. “Faisal Rehman must have romanced my grand mother as well,” he said adding, “this isn’t romance, this is a case of harassment.” Hina laughs it off saying yes she has romanced him on screen but “what can one do.”

Interestingly, a clip from the same interview went viral last year in which Hina took Muneeb Butt’s names as an actor who despite being not-so-famous has an aura of arrogance. Following her comment, Aiman and Minal Khan lashed out at Hina and Tabish.


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