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10 Apr

Fashion Pakistan Week S/S 2012: Day 3


You know the feeling of excited desperation you get when you’re reading a great book or watching a super film and you never want it to end. Well I got that feeling at FPW yesterday. The day was so amazing that I didn’t want to let go of it, despite exhaustion kicking in like never before. But what a day! What a line-up, even from the unexpected new stars of fashion!

Meera strikes a pose for Nomi Ansari

Meera has never looked this good before and Nomi Ansari injected a shot of adrenalin to a day that was already very high on good fashion!

Mehreen Syed poses in Shamaeel spring/summer 2012

Shamaeel’s floral collection was gentle yet it had the spunk that gives femininity a backbone. So perfect!

Neha in Baani D

The one year old label Baani D by two young NCA graduates was refreshing and surprisingly good for a debut. Very Goan holiday, very seventies.

Abbas Jafri, better known as Jesus, for Ahmed Bham

More than a decade into being one of Pakistan’s favourite bespoke designers, Ahmed Bham showed he could have fun with fashion too. Spot on, the way menswear should excite!

Monsoon reigns in Karachi at Dolmen Mall

We love the fact that British brands are coming to Pakistan, thus Monsoon on the catwalk. And here’s hoping for more diffusion and future collaborations.

Koni in Gulabo

Hai Gulabo! Dekh magar pyar se. This ode to the streets of Karachi was fun, quirky and how street fashion should be. Coming soon to stores!

Iraj, the ultimate catwalk queen, in Wardha Saleem one of the strongest upcoming designers from Karachi

I’ve decided that Indus Valley School of Art and Architecture is to Karachi what PIFD is to Lahore. And Wardha Saleem is living proof of what the school is capable of giving fashion.

Neha walks in Rizwanullah’s strongest collection to date

Rizwanullah presented his strongest collection ever, a collection in which the grey and white mood was as exciting as his coloured patchwork.

Fashion Pakistan’s sexy Chairperson, Shamaeel takes to the runway for Nomi Ansari at the end of a day she can be proud of!

Nomi Ansari’s finale got thunderous applause and that is what happens when you put twenty celebrities to walk in a ‘real’ show, as he said.

Photographs by Adeela Badshah, live saver who sent them in on time!


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